Apprit Technology Group Enters Into Technology Investment

Apprit Technology Group Enters Into Technology Investment

Earlier this year, Investment conferences were organized by both the private sector and the public sector. The government’s Nepal Investment Board has published that it has received many billions of dollars of interests from foreign companies to be invested in Nepal. Although it’s speculative how much of those dollars would actually turn into investments in Nepal, the wave of some of the foreign companies entering in Nepal is overall a positive sign for the nation. Recently, Frost and Sullivan and Apprit Technology Group – both based in Silicon Valley — have announced they have entered in Nepal.
Apprit Technology Group is one of the leading technology companies in the valley. The statement  issued by the company said that Nepal expansion would help the computer science graduates to work in Nepal and develop the nascent technology industry. Compared to India and China, Nepal’s large neighbors, Nepal lags in technology infrastructure. Unlike other technology outsourcing companies, Apprit operates on a country client model which means that the employees in Nepal would mostly be working on Nepal clients. Both private sector and government are in need of technologies that is usually unavailable in Nepal. Apprit plans to supplement the local talent with the know-how in Silicon Valley which would help the Nepal employees effectively serve the market in Nepal and build superior technologies customized for the region.
Nepal’s main foreign investment has been in infrastructure related projects and hydropower. Deloitte is also administering a contract of USAID to invest and bring investments in Nepal related energy projects.  With the rise in technology companies and a changing culture due to new startups, more Silicon Valley companies are planning to enter in Nepal, sources say.


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